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Arnay Tubes Industries Private Limited

Arnay Tubes Industries Private Limited

Since its inception in 2015, Arnay Tubes Industries Pvt. Ltd. has now become the leading manufacture of pipes and tubes in india. since last one decade, we are producing a wide range of stainless steel welded polished pipes and tubeswhich finds application in sectors like dairy plants, food industries furnitures, decorative works, refineries, fertilizers, water distribution, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. Our Pipes and Tubes are available in Stainless Steel in various like round, oval, square, rectangular, slotted polish pipes, so on. Arnay Tubes Industries Pvt Ltd today has a range of more than 100 sizes. Our pipes and tubes are Manufactured in accordance with international standards, mill standards, and ASTM standards and we use modern, well-maintained equipment. Arnay Tubes Industries Pvt Ltd rolling and polishing from technical excellence and highly trained and motivated manpower. Continuous innovative approach and focused efforts are the backbone of Arnay Tubes Industries Pvt Ltd Success .

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Arnay Tubes Industries Private Limited
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First of all PMI test and Hardness test checked by every raw material is done here, specially care is always taken on quality.

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